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Obviously from Denmark.
I've had a profile at TLKAA ( since 2004, but found it too boring for my taste, and moved to Deviantart, where there's more freedom and variation. Somewhere were I would also be able to upload all the other things that I drew, when it weren't The Lion King.

I'm a huge fan of Tvshows, of which E.R and Charmed, where the first I ever really followed.
Smallville were the tvshow that made me fall in love with the concept, and I loyally followed it from the pilot to the final.
My favorites at the time must be Supernatural, Dexter, The Originals, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, but I do still rewatch Smallville from time to time.

I do have an american dream, yes. Who doesn't love cheap food? Like, half the price as at home-food. I know I do!
And the fact that I can get the car I've always dreamed of, for half as much as here. No, joking aside.. I've fallen in love with the place. The nature, the people, the places.. I just wish Donald Trump and co. would leave.
I've got family in Canada, so my plan is someday to move there. And that's most definitely something I'm going to fulfill.

Anyway. I love food, animals, food, movies, food, coca-cola, food, adventures and food.
Oh yeah, and of course food.
I love carrot cake, lemon cake, red meat - I'll never be a vegetarian - aand.. Free food.

And I'm hungry now.

Ps. My cat is my God (He forced me!)


Rabbit kits by Takadk
Rabbit kits
First picture is from the 31st, and the second is from today.

So.. I really just want to share my frustration.
My doe had 10 kits on the 27th. Unfortunately something went wrong in the following days, and 4 died, then one more, and then another one. The rest started to look worse and worse, and I decided to take them in, when I found two of then so wrinkled and weak, that my first thought were that they were dead. I've brought the doe inside with them, and puts them under her twice a day to feed. The two weakest doesn't seem to be able to suckle, so I'm feeding them kitten milk replacer with coffee creamer. 

It's been two days now, and they're starting to look better and better, although still a bit weak and thin. The  no milk bands has started to disappear more and more, and they're a little more lively. Fingers crossed that they'll survive.
So.. Tomorrow I am going to Budapest with my class. It's a bit with mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong - I love travelling, even though I rarely get to. But it just feels like it's going to be a stressful week. But we'll see..
We're going to see a lot of things. Maybe even too much, considering we only have until friday. I've planned to skip the group some time, and go to the zoo. That's probably what I lool most forward to, except for cheap food.

I honestly don't know much about Budapest. But I'm looking forward seeing the city.

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